Working at Expodya
If you're in the sales field, you'll love being with Expodya. From day one at Expodya, you'll take ownership of a region or product category and start to kick off your sales pipeline.
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Innovation Expodya
We're a platform. It's our job to make everything easier and work smoothly, so all stakeholders are invited to enrich our tech solution for the supply chain.
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Supporting Small Business
Our aim is always to let individuals, and small businesses in Turkey think global and how to be a world citizens.
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Export Portal is hyper-focused on security, verifying all our users to create a trustworthy space for all businesses to easily complete global trade transactions.
Boost your international presence through our state-of-the-art global marketing feature. Complete global transactions smoothly and easily via our innovative private trade system.
Trade Safe
Your safety and security are our top concerns! Export Portal has developed to make all international business transactions more straightforward, safer, and more secure.
Expodya is a global business-to-business (B2B) Portal with over 600 product categories. Using , we help you find better trading conditions to sell overseas.
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Customizable Workflow with end-to-end process to enable turkish exporters to work smart with time efficiency.